WWII Veteran Louis Boria, Jr.
Interview with Purple Heart Veteran Louis Boria, Jr. at VFW Post 10147 in Apopka, FL, May 19th, 2010. Veteran Louis Boria served as a Sergeant in the U. S. Marine Corps in World War II and the Korean War. He received two Purple...
Wizard of Oz Murals
Wizard of Oz Murals in the Children's Library in downtown Orlando.These Wizard of Oz murals were installed in the 1999 remodeling of the Children's Library. The art comes from L. Frank Baum's "Wizard of Oz" with illustrations by Michael Hague.
OCLS Plaques
OCLS has commissioned numerous plaques over the years to honor important staff, board members, and community partners who made an impact on the library system.
Clock Tower Installation
Clock Tower Installation This installation was installed in the 1999 remodeling of the Children's Library. One clock face tells time backwards, making this clock tower a one of a kind instillation in Downtown Orlando.
Corn Dance Plaque
The origin of the plaque has not been confirmed but resembles, in subject and medium, the works of John Joseph Boyle. Similarities to the works of Hermon Atkins MacNeil and John Farle have also been made. The plaque depicts the...
Memorial Day 2010: Local Veterans Remember
Local Veterans remember their war experiences and reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. Interviews with Central Florida Veterans who served their country in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and other military service. Veterans reflect  on how...
1999 Orlando Public Library Children's Library Remodel
1999 Orlando Public Library Children's Library Remodel On May 23rd, 1999 the newly remodeled Children's Library of the Orlando Public Library was open to the public. The 16,000 square feet area houses a full library with books, DVDs, music, computers, an...
Lizzy Lizard Statue
Originally part of the City of Orlando's LizArt project, this lizard statue was donated to the Orlando Public Library by the Friends of the Orange County Library System.  The LizArt Initiative kicked off on October 16th, 2000 and involved around 50...
Orlando Street Railway Car Model
he street railway operated on Orange Avenue and Central Avenue, on Church Street to the railroad station, and around the west side of Lake Lucerne via America Street. The speed of the mule drawn cars was set at six miles per...
Captain Albertson Painting
Captain Charles L. Albertson, a retired police inspector of New York City, and a winter resident of Orlando, had for many years been collecting books at his home in Waverly, New York. In November 1920, Captain Albertson offered his collection...
Children's Library - Book Panels
This installation was installed in the 1999 remodeling of the Children's Library and highlights the art of several books in the collection. Some of the books include:The Creation by James Weldon Johnson; illustrated by James E. Ransome Sunflower House by E...
Light Waves Installation
"Light Waves" is an interactive glass sculpture located on the western wall of the Orlando Public Library. The installation was designed by artist Christopher Janney and contains a series of "touch plates" that trigger light and sound when activated by touch....