Salk vs. Sabin: The Waterlogs
In the evenings they would have famous mathematicians and scientists who would come...Linus Pauling came and he was a Nobel Prize winner and he gave discussions. And then they had Dr. Sabin...I know when I talk to my students in...
A. E. Carpenter, Sr. - Attorney
Archer Eugene (Sr.) Carpenter's family came to Orlando in 1912 when he was 15 but then moved to Jacksonville where he graduated from high school.  Graduating from the University of Florida in 1922 with a Jurist Doctor degree, he returned...
Frank W. Chase, Sr. - Citrus grower
Born (1908) and raised in Sanford, Florida, Mr. Chase tells of riding up and down Florida's rivers on steam driven paddle boats; narrow and standard  gauge trains; air plane rides; and Florida's citrus industry. This interview was conducted on April ...