Brochure of Orlando, Florida: The City Beautiful
This brochure gives facts about Orlando's historic buildings and businesses. Information includes an overview of the city and of local hotels. View maps, postcards, brochures, photographs and more about the history of Orlando.
Blue Springs: A Bit of Inspiration for a British Poet
William Bartram, an American 18th-century naturalist and explorer, wrote a book titled Travels detailing the plants and landscape he encountered during his time exploring Florida in the 1770's.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a British poet who used Bartram'...
Cutting Edge Engineering From the Early Days of FTU to the UCF Achievers of Today
UCF (FTU) would be starting in 69. At that time we were called electrical engineering and computer engineering. It was one department. When we went out there first it was like one department for the entire college because you were...
Joseph S. Guernsey on the Future of Orlando: Then & Now
I think not only is the future extremely bright for Orlando, but I think it is likely to become someday the largest city in Florida... in  this excerpt  (3:04) from an oral history interview on May 26, 2012 Mr. Joseph...
Physicist Robert J. Bobber, Sr. Hero of Underwater Sound Lab
Robert Bobber was considered a hero locally and a scientific leader internationally. Bobber was invited to lecture at MIT and a NATO Advanced Study Institute, as well as teaching graduate courses at the University of Central Florida and the University of F...
At the Launch: Eyewitness to Central Florida Space History
At that time they were having launches, it seemed like a couple a week. There was a tremendous amount of launch activity. You could go out and you could see a launch. When we first moved out we weren't at...
United States Post Office in Orlando, Florida
Historic photos of the site for the United States Post Office in downtown Orlando, circa 1917.The contractor for the project was Westchester Engineering Company, White Plains, NY.
St. James Cathedral... An Opportunity to Serve
"However you can volunteer to help someone enriches your life and makes it better," Mary Jane Sevick shares in  this excerpt (9:38)  from an oral history interview at St. James Cathedral on August 15, 2011.  She and her husband, Frank...
IEEE & Computer Technology in Central Florida
"Who wants to get a computer? Nobody volunteered so I was elected." So I put out a proposal to get a computer system at UCF and we got bids from Data General and Digital Equipment Corporation... Remembering the assembly language, programming,...
A Job Well Done - Ted and Josephine Huggins
  Central Florida builder Ted Huggins built Brandywine, the first condominiums in the area of College Park. His grandfather was one of the first contractors in Orange County.  In this  audio excerpt  (8:18) from an oral history interview on May 8th,...