Marjorie Rogers Oral History Interview
My name is Marjorie Alice, maiden name is Maull, Rogers. I married a Rogers. He was a Yankee from Chicago. I was born and raised in Pine Castle and I'm still a Pine Castle girl. I know I live right,...
All Souls Catholic Church rectory - April 1912
Sanford Herald, April 28, 1911, no page number, col. 1-2.Parochial Residence of Father Bresnahan. The Catholic Church.Among the many changes and improvements, that have been made in Sanford during the past six months, by no means the least was raising...
All Souls Catholic Church, rectory and school circa 1914
Postcard of All Souls Catholic rectory (constructed 1911), church (constructed 1887) and school (constructed 1912). The black and white photographic post card with colorized foliage.
Drowned on Lake Apopka
The Sanford Herald, March 28, 1913, p. 7, col. 3.Drowned on Lake Apopka.   Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock the bodies of Mr. E. P. Lewis and F. Garner of Apopka and Frank and Clarence Garner of Orlando, the victims of...
Orlando Man Disappears - Jerome Palmer Wanders Away
ORLANDO MAN DISAPPEARS. This May be a Case of Self Destruction. JEROME PALMER WANDERS AWAY.  Sanford Herald, front page, March 28, 1913, p. 1, col. 5   Jerome Palmer, an old resident and business man of Orlando, is missing and circumstances...
Deaconess Lillian Lancaster: Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church Oral History Interview
The earliest memory would be the day that we came to Orlando in July 1972 because Deacon Lancaster had a job interview. And I was thrilled to see Orlando. It was just about the time that Disney had started their...
College College Park Oral History Night: Bertie Hunt, Lynda Swenk, Bunny Parish, and Dann Pottinger
College Park Oral History Night with special guests Bertie Hunt, Lynda Swenk, Bunny Parish, and Dann Pottinger sharing memories about growing up in College Park. The oral history event was held at the College Park Community Center located at 2393 Elizabeth...
Lynn Fontaine
Interview with Lynn Fontaine Orlando Memory Interview Lynn Fontaine1
Chirs Subero
Interview with Chris Subero.  Mr. Subero joined us at the North Orange Library to share his memories of visiting, living and working in the Apopka area since 1980. [audio mp3=""][/audio]
Joel Keever
JoelInterview with Joel Keever Orlando Memory edited Joel Keever
Kathryn Branch-Keever
Interview with Kathryn Branch-Keever Orlando Memorykathryn Keever
Alice Milmore
Interview with Alice Milmore 3 Orlando Memory edited Alice Milmoe