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Brooklyn Grammar School No. 106 – 1908

Photo copy of the front and back covers of the above program found in the Brouard Family files in the Genealogy collection at the Orange County Library System. Note, however, that the graduate is Emilie M. Hildebrandt who married a Brouard. Check also this site and Genealogy Collection for the Hildebrandt Family files.

Transcription 11/8/11.

Graduation Exercises

Grammar School No. 106
Brooklyn, New York
Wednesday, February 5
Local Board
General G. W. Wingate, Member Board of Education
Frank E. Brown, Edward E. Pabst, Reinhart Pfoor, Mrs. William Brader, Mrs. Stephen Purdy, District Superintendent Seth T. Stewart, Principal Joseph D. Whitherbee, Teachers Bertha A. ___en, Caroline M. Wiggins, Supervisor of Music Mrs. E. Knowles Liscombe.

Viola M. Bayer, Martha M. Berglund, Minetta Bindernagel, Elaine M. Bode, Katherine I. Breen, Edna M. Canady, Helen E. Clark, Madelene Cordeau, Anna Loretta Farrell, Helen E. Fischhofer, Edith E. Flekenstein, Emma E. Geller, Estelle E. Goodman, Eva Haves, Emilie M. Hildebrandt, Katherine A. Keil, May E. Keen, Vera D. Kellcher, Ethel L. Kottemann, Anna Lackmann, Augusta Langenfass, Pauline A. Leinert, Charlotte J. Lindorfer, Eleanor Margaret Litt, Gertrude A. Love, Adele Maak, Marguerite F. McSherry, Louise P. Meyer, May E. Michel, Anna V. Murray, Lillian E. Oschmann, Minnie Petzold, Ida E. Priestley, Magdalena E. Quense, Alma A. Schwendeman, Sarah S. Silvermond, Olga Stapf, Irma Anna Stolberg, Dora Weil, Estelle C. Wertheimer, Mary A. White, Juliet B. Worms, Caroline R. Young, Selma R. Zaidenberg.

Howard James Armstrong, Henry Bischoff, Louis J. Borstelmann, Charles Brockman, Martin Decker, Frank M. Dobbs, William L. Engelhardt, Walter Edgar Evers, Theodore H. Fleck, William Haas, Frank Halloran, Peter Joseph Huber, Albert H. Humphrey, Harry Charles Kleindienst, John Edward Lardner, Donald Charles Lavington, Albert Edson Lawrence, Mortimer Lippmann, William Clarence MacMurray, William John McAssey, Edward T. Mulvey, George Horace Perrine, Jr., William Schwarting, Louis Seigel, William Moore Springer, Charles Thoet, Edwin F. Thompson, Jr., Clarence Welter.
Moore Bros. 1907 Broadway, Brooklyn

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Program Grammar School No. 106

From the Brouard Family file in the Genealogy Collection at the Orlando Public Library.

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