Akerman Law Firm - Orlando

Akerman Law Firm - Orlando

February 22, 2010

"This is not a complete history of the Firm, nor the Orlando office, but a story of its origins in Orlando and the partners in the first 30 years who provided so much talent and hard work that laid the foundation for the Firm."

Business names included in the history include Phillip Exeter Preparatory School, First National Bank (now SunBanks), Cheney and Akerman; Alexander Akerman; Akerman and Akerman; Akerman and Gray; Akerman and Palmer; Akerman and Dial; Akerman, Dial and Akerman, Akerman; Turnbull, Senterfitt and Eidson; Akerman, Senterfitt, Eidson, Mesmer and Robinson; Akerman, Senterfitt, Eidson, Mesmer, Robinson and Wharton; Akerman, Senterfitt, Eidson and Wahrton; Akerman, Senterfitt and Eidson; Moffitt, Hart and Herron; Mershon, Sawyer, Johnston, Dunwoody and Cole; Kronengold, Gottleib and Goldberg; Milam, Otero, Larsen, Dawson and Trayler; Katz, Kutter, Alderman and Bryant; Stagg, Hardy and Mathews; Huey, Camper and Guilday; Wickwire Gavin; Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company;  and  Akerman Senterfitt.

Individuals mentioned in the history include William Y. Akerman, Willie Akerman, William H. Dial, Billy Dial, Amos T. Akerman, Tom Cardwell, Linda Fowlie, Charlie Brumback, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Alexander Akerman, Jr., Lois Neal Hamilton, Sharon Hagin, Carl W. Brage, Guy Parmenter, Morrison Buck, Barbara Carta, Penny Scileppi, Robert W. Wilson, John M. Cheney G. F. Kribbs, W. J. Steed, Walker Akerman, Hugh Akerman, Emory Akerman, Claude L. Gray, Allison E. Palmer, George T. Eidson, Nat M. Turnbull, Donald T. Senterfitt, George T. Eidson, Jr., William B. Mesmer, William H. Robinson, James H. Wharton, Robert L. Mellen, III, Cecelia Bonifay, H. Lee Moffitt, Justin Baker, Kristine Elliott, C. Charles Towsend, Joshua J. Bennett, Dr. Phillips, Walter Akerman, Joseph Akerman, Charles Akerman, Alfred Akerman, Clement Akerman, d Akermandie, Joe Tinker, and Benjamin Akerman.

Buildings  mentioned in the history include Tinker Building at 18 West Pine Street, First Federal Building at 58 East Pine Street,  SunTrust Building, CNA Building now Citrus Center, Metcalf Building at One North Orange Avenue, Fidelity Building at 60 North Court Street, Exchange Building at the SE corner of Orange Avenue and Jackson streets (the current location of the SunTrust Bank Building). 

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