Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 10, Spring 2012

Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 10, Spring 2012

August 22, 2017

As was concluded in the last Legacy article, after more than 60 years as a pioneer and leader in the citrus industry, Dr. Phillips sold the agricultural portion of his business to Minute Maid in 1954. Only the properties dedicated to the citrus business were included in the sale; all other properties were retained. He then directed that these remaining properties, if suitable for such use, be developed into commercial and industrial real estate investments. After the sale was concluded, Dr. Phillips retired and turned over the leadership of the family business, now focused on the retained real estate holdings, to his son Howard. The surviving company, Diversified Services Inc., later became Dr. Phillips Inc. (referenced herein as the Dr. Phillips Company).

Before transitioning out of citrus and into real estate, Howard Phillips made sure that all grove workers and managers from the family business had the opportunity to be employed by Minute Maid in its new operations in Florida. Such concern for the welfare of good employees was a Phillips family tradition. In fact, with the citrus business being seasonal, keeping good employees working for him year-round was the primary motivation for Dr. Phillips to develop a secondary business of building and leasing commercial and industrial buildings on his non-agricultural properties.

While still in the citrus business, Dr. Phillips trained his best employees in the construction trades and in the early 1920s began constructing a number of commercial and industrial buildings for lease. One of the first to be built was the...

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Listen to the Orange County Library System's oral history interview with Howard Phillips conducted February 22, 1975.

Howard Phillips Oral History Interview Part I (15:20)

Howard Phillips Oral History Interview Part II (15:33)

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