Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 11, Spring 2013

Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 11, Spring 2013

August 22, 2017

The planned development of the Dr. Phillips Community came about as a direct result of initiatives taken by Dr. Phillips. In the early 1950s, the concept of zoning or long-range land planning was almost non-existent in Central Florida. It was during this timeframe that Dr. Phillips initiated the creation of a “master plan” for the community of Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Phillips envisioned this community to be a first-class, full-service community where residents could live, work and play; all with support services necessary to sustain a premier quality of life. To plan for the orderly development of this community, Dr. Phillips hired a “land-use planner” from Jacksonville, Florida, named George Simmons. Together with Howard Phillips, their collaborative efforts resulted in the “Simmons” plan allowing for approximately 5,000 residents and designating areas for commercial, industrial and residential use. At the time of its creation, the Dr. Phillips Community plan was a very progressive and innovative concept.

Ten years later, in 1960, the first contract signed under the “Simmons” plan was the Bay Hill community, which featured spacious residential lots and an adjoining championship golf course. The property owned by The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation contained approximately 648 acres. Bay Hill represented everything that supported the standards of the new Dr. Phillips Community; providing an area in which to live, work and play and attracting family residences by restricting homebuilders to a “density” of no more than two homes per acre.

In the 1960s, when Bay Hill was being developed, it was located in a very isolated and undeveloped section of West Orange County: Dr. Phillips, Florida. In order for Bay Hill to be a quality residential community, it required city-type services and utilities, prompting Dr. Phillips to establish Dr. Phillips Utilities.

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Listen to the Orange County Library System's oral history interview with Howard Phillips conducted February 22, 1975.

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Dr. Phillips Legacies courtesy of the Dr. Phillips Foundation.

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