Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 12, Spring 2015

Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 12, Spring 2015

August 22, 2017

Our last newsletter concluded with an overview of the beginnings of the planned community now known as the prestigious Dr. Phillips area. The development of Bay Hill on land owned by Dr. Phillips was the first implementation of the master “ land use “ planning that had been completed in the middle 1950’s. Prior to that time, the Dr. Phillips area consisted primarily of orange groves.

With the residential growth of the Dr. Phillips area, Dr. Phillips understood that a comprehensive and controlled growth plan was necessary to maintain the integrity of the community. The first step was creating the Dr. Phillip Utilities, which provided quality community-wide water and sewer service. Prior to Dr. Phillips’ involvement, every home built in the area had to provide for its own water and waste disposal with varying degrees of efficiency.

Dr. Phillips then built a five-mile long sewer pressure main beginning at the master lift station located next to the eighteenth tee of Bay Hill. Potable water lines were also designed and installed to comply with a study done for Dr. Phillips by Watson and Company for the entire community.

Also at that time, there were no shopping facilities located in the Dr. Phillips area. The first Bay Hill residents had to drive miles to purchase even the most basic groceries or gasoline. In response to this need, Dr. Phillips built what is now known as the Village Center housing the first convenience store and gas station in the area. The Village Center is still owned and managed by Dr. Phillips.

So as not to create an aesthetic eyesore, the gas station was designed to “hide” the pumps. Today it remains as the only gas station permitted on Dr. Phillips properties.

Also at the time of this development, the Dr. Phillips community had no fire protection other than the Forestry Service. Orange County had just...  

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Listen to the Orange County Library System's oral history interview with Howard Phillips conducted February 22, 1975.

Howard Phillips Oral History Interview Part I (15:20)

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Dr. Phillips Legacies  courtesy of the Dr. Phillips Foundation.

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