Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 13, Summer 2015

Dr. Phillips Legacies, Volume 13, Summer 2015

August 22, 2017

The Tampa Daily Times, Saturday, April 8, 1939,

Dr. Phillips Co. Stands for American Ideals, Free Institutions and Endeavor: Efficiency of Operation, Welfare of Employes Part of Firm’s Policy

Striking proof that “The American Way” is the best way can be found in the widespread and diverse operations of the Dr. P. Phillips Co. at Orlando. The Dr. Phillips Company is an organization which in itself typifies efficiency from the beginning to the end of its operations, yet spares nothing in the interests of the welfare of the more than 1500 employes who produce the products that have established it as a leader in the Florida Citrus industry. Headed by Dr. P. Phillips, a pioneer citrus grower, the organization carries on all of its operations “The American Way” in every sense of the expression.

                                                            Liberal Reforms.
Dr. Phillips himself holds an idealistic belief in the principles of free American institutions and freedom of endeavor that borders on the fanatic. It is encouraging in these days of dictatorships and suppression of personal liberties to find a man who so ardently defends his country’s institutions. His reforms and liberal thinking on employee relations have established Dr. Phillips as one of the most liberal of Florida’s citrus leaders. His concern over the welfare of the employes who depend on him for a livelihood has gained a far flung reputation for friendly employe relations for the world’s largest individual grower of grapefruit, oranges, tangerines. An American flag that waves valiantly over every spot of his property where more than 10 of his employes congregate daily, typifies his patriotism and love of free ideals.

Despite his idealism, there is nothing impractical in the makeup of this man who has founded one of the largest organizations in the citrus industry. There is no waste in his organization. Nothing is thrown away. The executives of the company believe that everything connected with citrus fruit has a purpose and they have utilized the resources of the company’s laboratories to discover some means of converting every part of the fruit from seed to peeling into numbers of worthwhile products. The Dr. Phillips Company is a complete unit “from seed to shelves,” self-sustaining in most of its departments. With more than 5000 acres of fruit-bearing citrus trees under cultivation, the organization operates its own nursery. Here the infant trees are grown from the seed until they are ready for transplanting to one of the new Phillips groves, which constantly are being added to the already extensive acreage...

Article written about Dr. P. Phillips by The Tampa Times dated April 8, 1939 continued on page 2 of Dr. Phillips Legacies: Enriching the Community with the Fruits of Our Labor, Volume 13, Summer 2015.

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