Jaycee Report on Library Conditions

Jaycee Report on Library Conditions

December 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered why we tore down the beautiful traditional Albertson Public Library and built the current structure? Many folks have and many folks ask. Read this report completed by the Jaycees in January 1959 and you'll understand why it was a necessity!

The committee that studied the library was composed of John Barber, John Peake and S. Victor Tipton, and they enumerated 13 issues that made the library unfit for staff and residents. Number 10 caught my attention:

"There is grossly inadequate space for the some 40 clerical and staff workers to carry on their work. For example, four attempt to work at desks in a room 8 by 12 feet which includes also book shelves and filing cabinets. Desks have to be placed in almost every corner of the building. Some are protruding into aisles necessarily used by patrons. There are only eight small lockers for the 40 odd workers." 

Peruse the entire report.

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