Johansen's Orlando Library

Johansen's Orlando Library

January 14, 2010

Article reprinted from Architectural Record, June 1967, entitled "Johansen's Orlando library: compatible colony of varied forms." The article includes elevations, floorplans, and interior views of the library that replaced the original Albertson's Public Library.

You will note from the exterior photos, that the entrance to the library was changed from Central Boulevard to Rosalind via a ramp into what is now the Children's Department. The elevation drawing on the third page shows Children's Library in the basement and the staff area sharing the roof with the mechanical room on top of the 2nd floor.

The rooftop patio on the last page was adjacent to what was the staff area on the third floor.

You can still get a glimpse of the old stairwells with the brass handlebars from the children's department.

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