Allen Mason Grimes and his three brothers

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Allen Mason Grimes and his three brothers

Allen Mason Grimes and his three brothers

June 10, 2017

Allen Mason Grimes pictured on the far left and his three brothers who were dirt farmers, all born in the 1850's - 1860's.

Listen as his grandson, Larry Grimes, describes growing up in Winter Garden in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Larry Grimes at the Orlando Public Library on February 20, 2017.

LISTEN Part I (20:08)

I was born in a Florida Hospital just up the road here on 17-92 between here and Winter Park, May 26, 1934. And my family, my parents had adopted two children. They were married several years, had no children and then I came along; which they didn't really need another mouth to feed, but what can you do. And, it was tough. My dad had a shoe business going in Winter Garden and had to close it because people couldn't pay for what they were buying. And he lucked out and got a job with Yowell Drew Ivey in downtown Orlando. And to be close to work, my family moved here and I lived probably the first year of my life in an upstairs apartment on East Amelia Street. And my brother and sister who were about ten years older were enrolled in the Marks Street Elementary School. And he sold shoes there until he could get back on his feet....

Photo courtesy of the Larry Grimes Family Archives


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