Belvin Perry, Jr. on Easter Sunday, 1954

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Belvin Perry, Jr. on Easter Sunday, 1954

Belvin Perry, Jr. on Easter Sunday, 1954

August 18, 2017

A typical Sunday was going to Sunday School which started at 9 am. Leaving Sunday School, going to church, it was from 11 am to hopefully 1 o'clock. Most of the time you were out by 1:30, came home had dinner, and was back to church at 5:30 for Baptist Training Union. And you got dragged into evening service. So Sundays were basically a day for going to church... Sunday dinners were always nice. Church was interesting. You know, one of my Sunday School teachers one was Arthur Pappy Kennedy, and another was Willy James Bruton. So those were my Sunday School teachers. The superintendent of the Sunday School at one point was Paul Perkins, Sr. Shiloh Baptist Church at the time was one of the largest Baptist Churches in Orlando. And it had a lot of influential people there. Pappy Kennedy was the first City Council person. Katie Adams who became the first member of the Orange County School Board. Willie Bruton who owned a funeral home, but was very active in the community. Paul C. Perkins, James Collier, all of those people attended Shiloh Baptist Church....

Photo of Belvin Perry, Jr. on Easter Sunday outside of Murchison Terrace apartment, 1954.

Listen as Belvin Perry, Jr. describes a typical Sunday growing up in Orlando in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Belvin Perry, Jr. at the Orlando Public Library on April 24, 2017.

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Photo courtesy of the Belvin Perry, Jr. Archives


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