Belvin Perry, Sr. and Family at Bethune Beach, Summer 1955

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Belvin Perry, Sr. and Family at Bethune Beach, Summer 1955

Belvin Perry, Sr. and Family at Bethune Beach, Summer 1955

August 18, 2017

Belvin Perry, Sr. with his son Belvin Perry, Jr., and daughter, Valeria, at Bethune Beach, Summer 1955. 

Listen as Belvin Perry, Jr. describes his parents in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Belvin Perry, Jr. at the Orlando Public Library on April 24, 2017.

LISTEN Part I (21:28) (Text highlights from audio.)

My parents, well, very loving, firm people. My dad in 1951 along with Richard Arthur Jones became the first two black police officers hired by the City of Orlando. 

My mom was a school teacher. And they stressed family, religion, hard work, and education. And those were lifelong lessons that you learned. Both my parents were very meticulous when it came to doing certain things. And when you get out of bed you made your bed up. Everything had a place. You didn't leave things hanging on a chair. You hung your clothes up. Everything had a place and had to be placed back in there.

Life Lessons

I can remember when it was my turn to clean up the kitchen and do dishes. I can't think of the times when it didn't pass inspection the first time and you had to come back in and redo it. But those were life lessons in how to do things right. And you learned from those life lessons that really there were no shortcuts to perfection. That it required hard work. And those lessons were reinforced by the teachers that I had in elementary, junior high school, and high school.And when you look back you see how all of those things help make you the individual that you would become in life. 

Photo courtesy of the Belvin Perry, Jr. Archives

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