The College Yell, December 15, 1929

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The College Yell, December 15, 1929

The College Yell, December 15, 1929

December 2, 2016

ANNUAL MEETING AND FROLIC - The time: January 7, 1930, at 8:15 P. M. The place: The Club House. The gathering: YOU- and all the other members. The business: Annual selection of officers; and such other matters as may come before the Club. AND THEN-a general good time, mingling among a group of fine fellows: throwing off business cares, hearty handshakes, cordial smiles, etc., etc., or, as H. C. Witwer says: "and etcetera."

We have been assured that there will be plenty of "and etcetera." Our mouth (editors are permitted to say "our") waters as we think of all the good food that is going to be available for nibbling. R. B. Brossier, as Lord High Mogul, Knight of the Supporter, and Master of Ceremonies, has promised us a program of entertainment that will leave nothing (or something) to be desired. One of the special features of the evening will be the first public appearance of our noted impressario, Dr. William Ewing Sinclair...

From the front page of The College Yell, the official publication of The University Club of Orlando, December 15, 1929.

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