Dr. Philip Phillips

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Dr. Philip Phillips

Dr. Philip Phillips

May 2, 2017

Philip Phillips, who would later be known simply as "Doc," was born on January 27, 1874, in Memphis, Tennessee. Born to French supply merchant Henri Phillippe and his wife Isabelle, Phillips spent much of his childhood in Lebanon, Tennessee, later attending a prestigious medical school on the east coast.

After studying at New York's Columbia University, earning the title that would become a moniker for central Florida citrus, Dr. Phillips gave in to his entrepreneurial spirit and made the decision to forgo the practice of medicine and move south, toward a land of new opportunity... Read The Dr. Phillips Legacy.

Long synonymous with central Florida, the Dr. Phillips name has had a philanthropic and economic presence in the community since the turn of the 20th century. Once considered the largest citrus producer in the world, the Dr. Phillips companies share a rich history spanning several generations; culminating in the establishment of two distinct funding organizations, The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation and Dr. Phillips Inc., perhaps best known for their support of central Florida community programs through specialized grant funding.From page 1 of The Dr. Phillips Legacy in Dr. Phillips Legacies: Enriching the Community with the Fruits of Our Labor, Volume 1, Fall 2006 and Volume 2, Fall 2007.

Born on the 27th of March 1902 in Lebanon, Tennessee, Howard Phillips represents the family's triumphant march into the second half of the 20th century and the solidification of the Phillips name as a force in central Florida philanthropy. Harvard educated, temperate, a man of many interests, Howard Phillips was charged with carrying on his father's legacy... from page 2 of The Dr. Phillips Legacy. VIEW.

Listen to the Orange County Library System's oral history interview with Howard Phillips conducted February 22, 1975.

Howard Phillips Oral History Interview Part I (15:20)

Howard Phillips Oral History Interview Part II (15:33)

View Dr. P. Phillips & Sons, Inc. Map of Grove Properties: Sand Lake Area, Dr. Phillips, Florida, October 15, 1953.

Dr. Phillips Legacies  and map courtesy of the Dr. Phillips Foundation and Dr. Phillips Archives.

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