Georgia Nell Woodley

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Georgia Nell Woodley

Georgia Nell Woodley

March 9, 2013

Georgia Nell Woodley Computer Center at the Callahan Neighborhood Center, photo March 2013.

Georgia Nell Woodley served as Mt. Zion’s Missionary Baptist institutional Church secretary for 45 years. It was through her church's community involvement and working as church secretary that Georgia Woodley became a community activist.
Working with mentor, Sister Teresa McElwee, a Catholic nun, who started the Apopka Family Learning Center, Georgia Woodley learned about applying for penny grants to get paved roads in the Callahan neighborhood, ways to work for neighborhood improvements, and how to form a neighborhood association. Georgia Woodley served as president of the Callahan Neighborhood Association for 25 years.

Georgia Woodley worked diligently on community development and neighborhood preservation in the Callahan area and specifically concerning the creation of the Callahan Neighborhood Center.

The Callahan Neighborhood Center was dedicated on May, 24, 1986. The center located at 102 N. Parramore Street in downtown Orlando is the site of the old Jones High School and a place of great memories for those who attended the school and live in the Callahan neighborhood.


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