Lake Conway

Lake Conway

August 31, 2016

A view of Lake Conway from the archives of Jim Robinson.

Attorney James C. Robinson describes how the special Water and Navigation Control District for Lake Conway came into being in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Robinson at his home on Lake Conway, March 11, 2016.

Laws of Florida Chapter 57-1643, House Bill No. 1626, to be known as "Lake Conway Water and Navigation Control District" written by Attorney James C. Robinson.

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Lake Conway Water and Navigation Act

I told you W. K. Price, Jr. became a good friend of mine and the family already was. He became county commissioner and then he became Mayor of the City of Belle Isle. And Belle Isle was started probably in early 1920's, '24 or something like that. But it had gone inactive, the city. A young lad, he became mayor and he hired me as the city attorney without pay. And we looked into everything and we reactivated the city government. And, in the course of it, we realized that there was no authority over the major items in Belle Isle which was Lake Conway. And so, that's why we did that and that's why I got involved in trying to get a body that would look after boating and everything else. That was during the 1950s, right? So that was before the development of Martin and Disney? 1957.

So you live on Lake Conway, a lot of these homes weren't here yet and this act actually created a special district, right? Water and Navigation Control. You understand Lake Conway is really three lakes? I think one time, I guess, they were all one body of water, but if you look way down across you can see the canal that leads into the other southern lake. My son lives on that lake. And up here at the north, there's a canal that goes into this north lake and three bodies of water. This is the big Lake Conway....


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