Letter from Antoine Demetrius Smith - 2004

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Letter from Antoine Demetrius Smith - 2004

Letter from Antoine Demetrius Smith - 2004

May 21, 2017

Antoine Demetrius Smith - Toine as his mother called him - joined the Marines just five days after he graduated from Dr. Phillip's High School in May 2001. He reported for duty to Paris Island, South Carolina, and was sworn in as a Marine Private First Class on May 26, 2001. Antoine was station in Norfolk, Virginia, Third Fast Company, as an Anti-terrorist Lance Corporal. In 2002 and 2003 he served at various locations including Alaska, Germany, Greeland, and Iceland. In August 2004, Antoine received orders to report for duty in Iraq to fight for freedom. Antoine was killed in combat on November 15, 2004 in Al Anbar province Iraq in the battle to take Fallujah. He was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery in combat. 

This is the last letter he wrote home. She cherishes it as she does everything that reminds her of her good, brave, God-fearing son. 

Dear Mom,

Sorry I haven't written or called but hasn't been much free time or you don't answer. I am just waiting around to go search more houses, and get rif of more terrorist. The tanks, snipers and jets do most of the owrk. We were in TIME magazine for a raid we did. The reporters have rolling in lately. I try to sleep but mostly just play my gameboy and look at a worn torn city of Fallujah. The city has been declared a free fire zone, most of the innocent people have been killed by insurgents from all over the middle east. We support the villagers who survived but they hate us because Saddam Housin spoiled them and now they dependent for outside support. Every night the terrorists attack us and we kill them, soon the city is going to be a pile of rubble, tanks shoot down buildings and people alike. As far as we all know from inside sources and those we capture, the whole city wants us dead. They believe Allah will send a big spider to kill us all, the mosque has been corrupted by false leaders from Jordan and Afghanistan. We will come home alive, not even Allah can save people who kill families, and hehead people everyday. They will pay for all the soldiers, marines, sailors, and victims they have killed and terrorised. The Iraqi vote in January so the Mayor of Fallujah will be forced out for a leader appointed by Free Iraqi.

God Bless. I will be fine. 


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