Mable Dillard of Winter Garden

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Mable Dillard of Winter Garden

Mable Dillard of Winter Garden

June 10, 2017

Mable Dillard, born in Winter Garden in 1891.

Dillard Street in Winter Garden is named after her father, J. L. Dillard, who owned a home and property in the area of what is now downtown Winter Garden.

Listen as her son, Larry Grimes, describes a week at the family fish camp with his mother in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Larry Grimes at the Orlando Public Library on February 20, 2017.

LISTEN Part I (20:08)

$100 Lot on Lake Butler

So anyway, to get back to Lake Butler, in 1927 my folks, the Depression hadn't happened, and they bought a lot on the west side of the lake for a hundred dollars. And you might think, well boy, that was cheap. Well, back then that part of Orange County didn't even have electricity. So they bought this lot and built a small one bedroom house on there with no electricity, no running water, garbage pit and an outhouse. And my mother would agree to go out there and we would stay as a family for one week and that was it. She didn't want to stay any longer because of the conditions. And the conditions were that she had a kerosene stove that she cooked on and kerosene lamps. Nobody had air conditioning even in town. And it would be hot and there would be mosquitos and everything else you know. So she'd tough it out for a week and that really pleased the kids, my brother and sister and I.... 

Photo courtesy of the Larry Grimes Family Archives.

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