Mary Jane and Paul Halyard

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Mary Jane and Paul Halyard

Mary Jane and Paul Halyard

October 4, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Halyard pictured at Mr. Halyard's 80th Birthday Bash at New Symrna Beach, Florida, September 16, 2015.

Orlando residents Paul and Mary Jane Halyard have been happily married 60 years as of August 19, 2016.

Listen as Mr. Halyard describes how he and his wife, Mary Jane, came to settle in Orlando in this excerpt from an oral history interview on June 3, 2016 at The University Club of Orlando.

I'm Paul Halyard and I was born in St. Petersburg, FL in 1935 and I moved to Orlando February 1, 1964. After completing the University of Florida I was living in Gainesville and working at Sperry Electronic Tube Department when a man down the street named Jim Driver's wife asked my wife if I would be interested in working at the Trane Air Conditioning Company. And so, I went down and saw Jim... Jim hired me and I went to La Crosse, WI and I went to a graduate training program in La Crosse from 4th of July to New Year's in 1963. And we attended class eight hours a day, five days a week for six months and learned the air conditioning industry. And my assignment when I graduated from the graduate training program was to come to Orlando, Florida and Jim Driver was my boss. Jim ended up by the way, being the Mayor of Winter Park. What a great guy....

Photo courtesy of the Paul Halyard Archives.

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