Maury Carter on Central Florida Development

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Maury Carter on Central Florida Development

Maury Carter on Central Florida Development

May 2, 2017

Maury Carter: a developer who can view land in two ways populated and preserved, featured in Florida Magazine, April 22, 1990.

Listen as Maury Carter discusses working in Central Florida in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Carter at his Orlando office, October 26, 2017.

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Over the years have their been certain projects that you were particularly pleased with having been involved in as far as your contribution to our community?

I'm very lucky there are dozens of them. Well, number one, I think, we handled the Lake Nona, the medical city there. We handled the Keene's Point, Metrowest, the Lake Sumter College and hospital out there, twelve hundred and fifty seven acres that we developed there. And then we did Harmony, a 10,000 acre project down in Osceola County that was ours and then so many others. But we see those are deals we've done, public record. But, I think, fortunately with the help of a lot of people nobody in the area has done as much on land acquisitions, investment, and development as we have....

But there's another thing, you know... we here are concerned about the environment. Here's a good example, we've done about 75,000 acres of land preservation and here's one of them. That's one we did.

It seems to me that you see our area as a place that's prosperous for development and good for development?

It's just started.

And if we have a project we do open spaces. But yeah, I may sound greedy, but we want to make money. So we like to do a little bit of both...

Article courtesy of Maury L. Carter & Associates




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