Maury L. Carter, age 21

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Maury L. Carter, age 21

Maury L. Carter, age 21

April 27, 2017

Well, when I got out of the Army I needed a job... finally I walked in the door [at Glenn L. Martin Company] and they hired me. I went in and a few minutes later I walked out with a job. Well, I had good credentials from when I was in the Army. I was a good soldier... Was it a big company at the time? Oh, 28,000 people. I walked in that place and I looked around and I said, "Wow!" As far as you could see, people in shops working on all that stuff and it's like a different language. You went in there and they start talking about missiles and rockets. And then they had them doing a seaplane. They were doing airplanes at that time... 

Listen as Maury L. Carter describes his first job at the Glenn L. Martin Company in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Carter at his office, Maury L. Carter & Associates, on October 26, 2016.

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Maury L. Carter started with the Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore at age 21. He came to Orlando with the first group of employees transferred here to work at the new Martin Orlando facilities.

Mr. Carter later started working in real estate with J. Rolfe Davis, the Mayor of Orlando, who Carter says,"was really the key person here that put the land together and the land use" for the Glenn L. Martin Company move to Orlando. 

When J. Rolfe Davis retired, Maury L. Carter started his own real estate company, Maury L. Carter & Associates in 1974.

Maury L. Carter & Associates real estate handled Lake Nona, the medical city, Keene's Point, Metrowest, the Lake Sumter College and Hospital, Harmony, a 10,000 acre development in Osceola County, as well as gifts of land to the University of Central Florida for a 250 acre educational and medical campus in Clermont.  According to the Orlando Business Journal, April 9, 2010, Maury L. Carter & Associates "has transacted over 200,000 acres topping $1 billion..." currently the firm is conservatively valued in excess of $300 million. 

In 2010, Maury L. Carter received the Lifetime Achievement Award from NAIOP, the National Association for Industrial and Office Parks. The University of Florida inducted Maury L. Carter into Florida's Real Estate Hall of Fame.


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