Maury L. Carter featured in Florida Trend

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Maury L. Carter featured in Florida Trend

Maury L. Carter featured in Florida Trend

May 1, 2017

"We were looking where to buy back in the 1970s," Carter says. "We divided Orlando into four quadrants, and the southeast area was not developed." Between the airport and Orlando's growth, Carter figured it was just a matter of time. "It didn't take any genius IQ to see it," he says...

Traveling south at 55 mph in one of Carter's fleet of four Jeep Grand Wagoneers, Daryl ticks off the deals. There's 19 acres that sold for $1.25 million, 168 acres for $4.7 million, 474 acres for 4.5 million. Lake Nona- $35 million worth of land.... July 1991 Florida Trend article on Maury Carter: "How to Survive the Downturn: Maury Carter of Orlando takes a dull approach to real estate. That's exactly why he's doing just fine."

Listen as Maury L. Carter talks about working in Central Florida in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Carter at his Orlando office, Maury L. Carter & Associates on October 26, 2017.

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Your company has been very successful hasn't it?

Well, we think it has. I thank you for saying that... But you know we've had good people like Rolfe Davis to get going in this thing. Good people in the community and investors and the number one thing is the location, you know. If I tried to do this in Ferrum, Virginia, you know, I wouldn't do very much. No, it's we've had an awful lot of help. Good people....

The most interesting thing for me is that, you know, before the beginning of Martin Orlando, I was there and saw the whole thing and met the people involved then on that end. When I came to Florida I had the opportunity then to get into real estate and work with the key players Rolfe Davis and the team there to put the thing together down here. So, I'm fortunate I had that. So anyway that's it.

Article courtesy of Maury L. Carter & Associates




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