Merita Bread Truck, November 1933

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Merita Bread Truck, November 1933

Merita Bread Truck, November 1933

March 29, 2017

Delivering fresh baked Merita bread and cakes, the Merita bread truck photographed outside the plant on the corner of South Street and Hughey Avenue in Orlando, November 1933.

According to Eve Bacon's Orlando A Centennial History, the American Bakery Company purchased the Reed Baking Plant in May of 1925, located at the corner of South and Hughey Streets. Merita Bakery Company broke ground September 21, 1960 for its plant at Harding Avenue and Division Street.

Photo courtesy of the Robert Byrd Family Archives

Listen as Dr. Robert Byrd, an Orlando native, describes growing up in Orlando in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Dr. Byrd at the Orlando Public Library on August 12, 2016.

LISTEN Part I (19:23)

My father's family was kind of a produce specialist for many years. He worked for various produce companies. I think worked at one time for the Blue Goose which bought produce in this area and he worked as a buyer. Then my mother's family were farmers. My grandfather, if he lived today, we'd call him a truck farmer. But he had a mule and a single tree plow. So he plowed and farmed. He was quite a good carpenter. He would do carpentry work and that kind of a thing... His older son stayed at home, Marshall. He worked various places. He worked at Merita Bakery....



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