Mr. William L. Eagan of The University Club of Orlando

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Mr. William L. Eagan of The University Club of Orlando

Mr. William L. Eagan of The University Club of Orlando

March 29, 2016

Mr. William L. Eagan's University Club of Orlando member photo.

LISTEN as Mr. Eagan describes the club's role in the life of our community in this excerpt from an oral history interview at The University Club of Orlando on February 26, 2016.

(Text highlights from audio interview.)

You might say it is sort of an incubator for young people to get together and talk about ideas. Things to do and what ought to be done. And, what shouldn't be done. And very careful about getting into politics sometimes, but if you had The University Club behind you, you had a leg up getting into things. The mayor ... the first mayor I got involved with as a member, Langford, Carl Langford....

Thank you to The University Club Staff

Tommy [Singleton] was always a regular, a constant. Tommy was a good man. He ran things very efficently. And he was special in my opinion. And then there was somebody in the barber shop. Petrea sticks in my mind, she was the hostess for a long time. Mrs. Eagan: But Gina was the hostess before her and she planned our daughter's wedding reception which we had here. Gina was good.... Mr. Eagan: Tommy was the manager of the dining room. I don't know how deep the managership went, but he was a constant. He was always on the ball, on time, on the mark. He was all right. Everybody liked Tommy. And we always had some good people in the club... Mrs. Eagan: They had wonderful facilities for things like that, wedding receptions. Mr. Eagan: Yeah, they always did a great job. Staff's always done a great job with anything like that....

The Future of the University Club

Well, I think they made a big step when they opened up The University Club to women. And I think that will continue to grow in the future. There will be more female members of The University Club and that will enrich programs a lot I'm sure. Other than that, keep a part of the history of Orlando. It is an integral part of the history of Orlando. And it will probably remain so.

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