Mrs. Cora Johnson and Larry Grimes, circa 1940

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Mrs. Cora Johnson and Larry Grimes, circa 1940

Mrs. Cora Johnson and Larry Grimes, circa 1940

June 10, 2017

Mrs. Cora Johnson holding Larry Grimes of Winter Garden, Florida, circa 1940.

Listen as Mr. Grimes recalls his wonderful caretaker in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Larry Grimes at the Orlando Public Library on February 20, 2017.

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Cora Johnson

I had the fortune of being raised by my mother and my father. My mother, because she had adopted two children, and then I came along, I don't know if my grandfather stepped in, somebody got her help. And the lady was named Cora Johnson... She was a black lady, but she came every day that mother wanted her. She would do the cooking, she would do the housecleaning, and she would carry me around when I was a baby just like I was one of her own. She was still with my mother when I left for college. And she had an invalid husband that she took care of at home and then she had this job all day long, five days a week.... But bless her heart she was a honey of a person.

Tildenville Quarters

And when she retired, they lived in a rented, in an old frame house in the Tildenville Quarters. And to keep the cold out they had newspapers tacked to the wall, you know, because there were cracks in the thing. There was like a community well out back and everybody - in that little subdivision type thing it was all frame rental houses - went to that one well to get water to take back. You had the outhouse and garbage pit kind of a thing. And she was only, I'm going to say a couple of years younger than say my mother. But she did take wonderful care of me. And I appreciated her....



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