Orlando Plan Committee Continues the Volos Food Drive

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Orlando Plan Committee Continues the Volos Food Drive

Orlando Plan Committee Continues the Volos Food Drive

December 23, 2015

Each child attending the daily Hebrew and Sunday religious school of Congregation Ohev Shalom will bring a contribution of canned food Sunday... the food offerings will be placed in a large box built by the boys of A.Z.A. Society and will be hauled to Volos headquarters of the Jaycees in a special truck. In addition the morning charity offering will be used to purchase additional food for Volos.

"By having each child personally bring his food to help starving people overseas" stated Rabbi Skop, "we teach our youngsters the meaning of 'Love Thy Neighbor' in a concrete and specific way."

Excerpt from The Orlando Sentinel article, "Committee Asks Five Food Cars for Greek City: Volos Campaign Will Continue to Goal", circa Spring 1946.

Article courtesy of the Camichos Family Archives.

Listen as Pano John Camichos, talks about the Relief Effort to Volos: LISTEN PART II (12:48) in this excerpt from an oral history interview on February 20, 2015.

Lisa Camichos details Orlando's effort to save villagers in Volos, Greece from starvation by a community food drive in Chapter 3 The Orlando Plan and HEPA: Post-War Relief from Non-Governmental Relief to Greece: 1940-1949. A Comparative Study With The Truman Doctrine. She begins chapter three with this description of her grandfather, John Camichos:

In the spring of 1946, a bare year after the end of World War Two in Europe, a Greek American living in Florida received a shocking letter from his brothers still living in Greece. John Camichos, restaurant owner, was horrified to learn of the conditions in his hometown of Volos, in Northeastern Greece. Letters received from his brothers George and Stavros Camichos, in early April 1946, described severe conditions in the city. Money was worthless, and food was badly needed. Italian and German troops had wrecked the waterfront installations around the bay, leaving boats stranded in the harbor, and the Nazis had prohibited small boats from launching off the beaches. George also wrote of the devastation left in the farming area of Volos by both the Italians, and Germans who killed livestock, burned crops, and destroyed roads. Upon reading these letters John Camichos feared villagers of Volos would die from starvation...

With the permission of Ms. Camichos her document is available on Orlando Memory:

Non-Governmental Relief to Greece: 1940-1949. A Comparative Study With The Truman Doctrine by Lisa Catherine Camichos, A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School Of Western Carolina University, Summer 2000, Cullowhee, North Carolina.


Chapter 1 Greece in the 1940s: A Brief Overview

Chapter 2 Nazi Occupation and the Greek War Relief Association

Chapter 3 The Orlando Plan and AHEPA: Post-War Relief


Chapter 4 The Truman Doctrine and Non-Governmental Aid: Comparisons in Relief Efforts


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