Pamela Woodley

Pamela Woodley

March 13, 2013

Pamela Woodley, center, at the Dr. Jerry B. Callahan Exhibit Dedication Ceremony February 20, 2013.

Pamela's mother, Georgia Woodley, served as the president of the Callahan Neighborhood Association for 25 years. The Callahan Neighborhood Center Computer Room is named for her.

Also pictured are Judge Joseph Baker, far left, and to the right of Pamela Woodley are Dorothye West  and her husband Reuben West, and Marjorie Hadley. Georgia Woodley is the sister of Dorothye West and Marjorie Hadley.

Orlando Remembered Board Member Texann Ivy Buck created the display honoring Dr. Callahan's extraordinary contributions to our community.

The Dr. Jerry B. Callahan Exhibit is on permanent display at the Dr. J. B. Callahan Neighborhood Center located at 101 North Parramore Avenue in downtown Orlando and is open to the public.

Photo courtesy of Orlando photo historians Allen Boone, Jr. and Mary Maxwell.

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