Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, circa 1970s

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Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, circa 1970s

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, circa 1970s

August 3, 2017

When we moved down here, Sundays often entailed everybody loading in the car and heading over to New Smyrna Beach or Port Orange or some place like that and spending the day on the beach. You would get a hot dog from the vendor, now they're called food trucks, but at that point they weren't quite that trendy. And you could rent some kind of an inner tube or some kind of a boogie board for the waves or something like that. And so we would spend most of the day there and pretty much come back fried to a crisp. And that was a typical Sunday growing up down here...

Listen as Orange County Commissioner Betsy VanderLey describes Sundays with family at New Smyrna Beach in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Commissioner VanderLey and her mother, Kay VanderLey, at the Orlando Public Library on April 14, 2017.

 LISTEN Part I (19:55)

Photo of the   Ponce Inlet lighthouse  at New Smyrna Beach circa early/mid 1970’s courtesy of the VanderLey Family Archives.

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