St. James Cathedral School

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St. James Cathedral School

St. James Cathedral School

October 16, 2011

Three generations of Bunings are featured on the cover of St. James Cathedral School, Fall 2007, vol. 2, Issue 1, newsletter.

The Buning family, longtime members of St. James Cathedral, lived in the last family home on Lake Eola at the corner of Robinson Street and Rosalind Avenue. 

Mrs. Buning said in an oral history interview on April, 21st, 2011, "St. James was a major part of our life in Orlando. We had eight children. They all went to St. James School.... We just felt very close to the church. My husband and I were very much for Catholic education, so we made a real effort to have the children go to a great school. They've all done very well and were very proud of them."

Mr. Buning received the National Catholic Education Association Distinguished Graduate Award for 1996.


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