The University Club of Orlando Book Club

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The University Club of Orlando Book Club

The University Club of Orlando Book Club

September 16, 2016

A University Club of Orlando Book Club meeting held at University Club member Paul Halyard's College Park Office.

The University Club of Orlando Members pictured from left to right are: Norm Hull, attorney and law instructor at Barry University, William "Bill" Kreuter, retired attorney, Leon H. Handley, a legend in Florida law, Bill Barnett, retired attorney, Honorable Kendall G. Sharp, U. S. District Judge, and Paul Halyard, founder of Peninsula Engineering taking the photo.

Listen as Mr. Halyard describes the history and joy of the The University Club Book Club in this oral history interview at The University Club of Orlando on June 3, 2016.

LISTEN Part II (18:09)

Boy that's a story within itself. Sandy Dann, bless his soul, he was at college and they had a book club at college and they decided that they would ask a couple of their professors to come to the book club at college. And they had rules and if one person was talking then you could not talk, but you could hold up a card, a challenge card. You could hold up a yellow card that meant you had a mild challenge or a red card meant that you really disagreed with what the man said. But you couldn't interrupt. And so, a couple of their professors had been going to two to three of these meetings and their was some drinking involved and finally one day Sandy said he got a call from the president of the university and he had no idea what he did this time. So he went in and the president says, "Well, you're in trouble." Sandy said, "What did I do?" He said, "It's what you didn't do." "What's that?" "You didn't invite me to your book club." So the president was invited to the book club.

So he brought that book club here to The University Club. And it had run for a number of years and I was kind of late getting in, but I started listening to books instead of reading them... I think about 147 books I've listened to. And I really enjoy keeping up with the latest books so I was invited by Sandy to join the book club.

As The University Club is winding down [temporary facility closure] we have left The University Club and have gone over to Christo's Restaurant for most of us who live in College Park on about once a month on Wednesday night we'll go over and we'll have dinner at Christo's and then we'll walk to my office which is a couple blocks away and we'll have the book club meeting there. So one person presents and then the other people chime in. The beauty about a book club is that you read books that you would never select. Bill Barrett has selected some great books. Bill Kreuter selected some good books. Ken Sharp, Leon Handley, Norman Hall they've all selected some books that I would have never selected, but I've enjoyed reading....

Photo courtesy of the Paul Halyard Archives

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