The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1970-1971

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The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1970-1971

The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1970-1971

March 29, 2016

Events during the year 1970- '71 have given a clear picture of the enormous growth and development taking place in our area. This is just the beginning.

With full consideration of the changing conditions which will affect our club, your Board of Directors, with the assistance of its several committees, has been working for total improvement of our club.

Plans our under way for the first phase of our club expansion which will add new dining areas, as well as space for additional athletic facilities. Renovating of the reading room and cocktail lounge will begin during August.

Our membership has substantially increased since the old ceiling of 650 members was lifted.

The innovation of the Friday night dinner dances has been well received....

Additional improvements and additions, as well as increased costs, will necessitate increasing our membership, as well as revising our financial situation.

The prestige and success of our club, as well as the enjoyment and fellowship which it gives, is due to the character of our members. Ours is an excellent club, owned by the members, and operated by a dedicated staff. Let's keep it that way.

From The President's Message by Charles J. Collins, Jr., President, 1970, page 6 of The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1970-1971. READ.

Contents includes:

President's Message

List of Officers


Standing Committees

History of the Club

Charter of The University Club


House Rules

Club Championships

University Club Members



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