Volos Cash Funds Hit $616

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Volos Cash Funds Hit $616

Volos Cash Funds Hit $616

December 23, 2015

Monetary contributions to the Orlando Plan for sending food to Volos yesterday at noon had reached a total of $616, it was reported by I.A. Mayfield, treasurer of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Orlando Plan committee.

Meanwhile Jaycee members and cooperating women's clubs, stores, restaurants etc., increased their efforts to make next week's first shipment of food really worthwhile.

The newspaper of Volos has informed the population there of Orlando's adoption of that city and its offer to aid with as much food as possible. Mayor William Beardall yesterday received a letter of thanks from two girls who are employed in the British embassy in Volos saying, "God bless the people of Orlando" ....

Excerpt from The Orlando Sentinel article, "Volos Cash Funds Hit $616; Mayor Hears From Greek Girls", circa Spring 1946.

Article courtesy of the Camichos Family Archives.

Listen as Pano John Camichos, talks about the Relief Effort to Volos: LISTEN PART II (12:48) in this excerpt from an oral history interview on February 20, 2015.


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