Florida District Civitan International

Florida District Civitan International

Created: December 27, 2015

1954-1955 Roster for the Florida District of Civitan International contains members names as well as employers names, addresses and phone numbers. In addition, It lists the past presidents and governors of the Florida District from 1922 through 1954, District Committees (including the Fruit Cake Committee!), and the officers, directors and members of each club in Florida.

The Orlando Club was chartered August 9, 1924 with 20 members. In 194, the Orlando Civitan Club met at the Eola Plaza Hotel every Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. The officers were: President Fred Bush, President-Elect Morris S. Hale, Jr., Treasurer William H. Peterson, and Secretary Jack Northrup and the directors were Sam S. Jones, Howard Dentler, Major A. K. Kupfer, Robert Peacock, G. Service Barnes, and Harold Bennett. 

Surnames of Orlando Club members include: Allen, Ballenger, Barnes, Bennett, Benson, Bishop, Burden, Bush, Butler, Carmichael, Carpenter, Cayce, Cheves, Cooper, Corey, Cowan, Davis, Dentler, Ellis, Eubank, Fairchild, Feather, Flynn, Garland, George, Garmany, Gibeault, Gielow, Gress, Hagar, Hale, Harper, Harrell, Heasley, Heyward, Ives, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Knudson, Kupfer, Lewis, MacDonald, Northrup, Osburn, Peacock, Peterson, Pickard, Peikin, Reese, Robins, Shank, Sharp, Sikkenga, Sims, Stiefel, Stinson, Streep, Sutton, Swofford, Taylor, Thompson, Tilghman, Wise.

The complete roster of Orlando club members can be found on pages 42-47. The roster is located in the Orange County Associations file at the Orlando Public Library or you may peruse it here.

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