Hot Diggity Drive-In & Restaurant

Hot Diggity Drive-In & Restaurant

Created: October 4, 2016

The Hot Diggity Drive-In Restaurant was a short lived food establishment overlooking Lake Barton. It first appears in the November 1956 telephone directory, but there was not a listing in the Yellow Pages. The address at that time was 5053 Santa Rosa Drive, the street that runs semi-parallel to and just north of East Colonial Drive. In the 1957 directory the address is listed as 5098 E. Colonial Drive.

The small ad in the Yellow Pages states that the restaurant has a "Patio & Roof Garden." Also: "Specializing in Fine Food For All the Family - Charcoal Steaks."

The telephone listings do not appear in the November 1959 or later publications.

Photos submitted by Sherry Meadows Lewis.

Orlando , FL
United States

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