Winter Park Garden Club

Winter Park Garden Club

Created: January 2, 2016

According to the Winter Park Garden Club web site, the club "founded in 1922 to promote gardening and to beautify the City of Winter Park, was one of the four charter members of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs."

"The garden club first started work in Mead Garden in 1938, and in 1956 the City gave the club use of a lodge in the garden. Plans for a garden center were approved for the site in 1968. The members raised funds for the Center and in 1973 the Garden Center was dedicated."

Perusing the program of events for the Home and Garden Flower Show entitled "Hospitality Plus!" conducted on Saturday, April 3, 1965, provides the reader detailed descriptions of the decor of the homes on the tour. The program identifies the following participants:

* Gracious Living: Mr. and Mrs. J. Cameron Aspley - Home and walled garden
* Southern Hospitality: Judge and Mrs. C. O. Andrews, Jr.
* It's A Stag Affair: Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Robinson - Home and garden
* Easter Brunch: Mrs. Fred Neece - Home and Garden
* The John C. Fosgate Garden

The program is located in the Orange County Associations collection at the Orlando Public Library or you may peruse it here.

Also listed in the program are the members of the Flower Show Committee. Names include Mrs. Francis J. Mueller, Mrs. Earl W. Lau, Mrs. John Hollyday, Mrs. Harland B. Cushman, Mrs. W. H. Schroeder, Mrs. J. B. Martin, Mrs. Albert Beech, Mrs. J. R. Hoffman, Mrs. E. C. Hornburg, Mrs. A. W. Henn, Mrs. R. O. Haubenestel, Mrs. I. T. Turner, Mrs. W. W. Rippe, Mrs. C. R. Rowlson, Mrs. J. D. Jenkins, Mrs. W. G. Walbert, Mrs. Clifford Mineur, Mrs. A. R. Boethelt, Mrs. C. W. Graves, Jr.,, Mrs. J. L. McGehee, Mrs. Beverly Brown, Mrs. Cawood Whitley, Mrs. E. B. Foster, Mr. Roy V. Harrold.

Garden Center at Meade Gardens Winter Park
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