Charles L. Albertson

Charles L. Albertson

Created: October 24, 2011


The articles (Images and Documents) here provide a visual look at the world of  police Captain Charles L. Albertson when he worked for the New York Police Department in the early 1900s. His hand typed and hand written autobiography provides information on his life in the NYPD and first hand accounts of crimes.

The most in depth look at  the life of Captain Charles L. Albertson  spans most of the  front page of  the January 19, 1906 edition of The  Waverly Free Press, the local news paper from  his  hometown. 

The news of  Captain Charles L. Albertson's death  here in Orlando on 28 October 1932  was  published in the Orlando Morning Sentinel 29 October 1932 front page.

Finally, the obituary  of Captain  Charles L. Albertson  was published in the Orlando Morning Sentinel 30 October 1932 page Two A. 

His name no longer graces the entrance to the now Orlando Public Library (part of the Orange County Library System), but he will forever be regarded as the man who's gift of books and vertical files forever changed Orlando and her residents for the good.


Charles L Albertson

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