Every Sunday We Were at the Church

Every Sunday We Were at the Church

Created: November 15, 2012

Well, it’s been a part of my life like breathing. It’s just so much a part it is like another digit in the hand. You don’t think about it. It’s just there it’s a part of you. So the Church has been a part of my life ever since I was born….

Sally Scott has served as Altar Guild Director at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in College Park for years. In fact, she created the Altar Guild Ministry Manual. Originally from New York, where she grew up across the street from a church, attended church school, and played in the church playground after school, Mrs. Scott moved to Orlando with her husband a Minute Maid salesman for a new product:  Frozen Orange Juice.

They joined St. Michael’s Church in September of 1958, built their Longfellow home in Rose Isle, and raised their children in St. Michael’s Church. Today Mrs. Scott’s daughter works for IBM in Washington and serves as secretary of her church, and her son has served on the vestry in his church.

In this  first audio excerpt  (15.00) from an oral history interview with Sally Scott, she describes St. Michael’s Church from the early days when they arrived in their new building. It was a small church when we first came. It was just beginning to grow… She recalls when the priest stood at the altar with his back to the people, and the faithful man with a pole used to go around every Sunday to open the jalousie windows during the service to get some air. She says, “It was big when we finally got air conditioning in the church.”

She details the responsibilities of the Altar Guild Ministry, describes how it has grown with the church, and is a very active and important part of St. Michael’s Church today.

Sally Scott is known in the community as a living legacy of faithfulness. We asked her what she sees as the future of church life and true to form she gives a sagacious answer which you can hear in this  second audio excerpt  (12:48) from her church interview on August 30, 2012.

Sally Scott

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