122 Years of Catholic Education in Orlando

122 Years of Catholic Education in Orlando

Created: March 23, 2012

St. James parish has a tremendous impact on education… we are now into 122 years of Catholic education. The Sisters of St. Joseph from St. Augustine had a tremendous impact and contribution. They opened up St. Joseph’s Academy which eventually was turned into a school and we have had that school for more than 122 years…. Learn more about the significant contribution of the Sisters of St. Joseph to Orlando’s development in this excerpt (4:50) from an oral history interview with religious educator Frank Sevick at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando, August 11th, 2011.

St. Joseph’s Academy opened at the corner of Main (Magnolia Avenue) and Robinson Street in downtown Orlando in 1889 with 30 pupils. St. James School on Ridgewood Avenue opened in 1929.

St. Joseph's Academy Orlando

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