Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson

Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson

Created: March 16, 2011


The Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson provides a glimpse into the life of retired Police Inspector Charles Albertson of New York City, who  has ties to Orlando and the history of the Orange County Library System.

Captain Albertson, for many years, collected books and created a library at his home in Waverly, New York, that he shared with the people of his community. Captain Albertson wintered in Orlando and owned a home south of the city. In November 1920, Captain Albertson offered his collection to the City of Orlando on the condition that it furnish a suitable building to house it and that the library bore his name.

The stipulations in the contract between the city of Orlando and Captain Albertson provided that Orlando would accept the gift of the Albertson collection and furnish the library building; that the library should be known as the Albertson Public Library; that Captain Albertson should be Advisory Superintendent of the Library throughout his lifetime; and that Orlando should suitably maintain the Library.

This hand typed and hand written autobiography recounts Captain Albertson's time as a police officer in New York City and some of the criminals and judges he encountered walking his beat. Read some of the more interesting cases below or the entire autobiography under DOCUMENTS. He begins with how he came to be a police officer in New York.

"I went to New York City to drive a milk delivery wagon which occupation I followed for three years then I studied lumber inspection which was quite an important trade at that time as nearly all of the lumber coming into the city was purchased subject to the measurement and classification of an uninterested inspector who was paid by the owner and purchaser.

In the summer of 1878, I was directed by one of the Supreme Court Judges to go to Staten Island and measure several carloads of oak which was in litigation. On the boat going over was Ebinezer Jones, a lumber dealer who was one of the litigants. His daughter had a short time before this married D. C. Wheeler one of the four Police Commissioners. He said in a joking manner, "Do you want to become a policeman?" I said "yes". A short time after, Commissioner Wheeler sent for me and directed that I make application which I did."

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Three Black Beans - The attempted murder of Charles Albertson

The Charles Deutsch Case

The Ulmore Case

James G. Blaine's Body Guard

The General Slocum Disaster

Chief Rabbi Jacob Joseph's Funeral and Riot

The Hetty G. King Case

The Orlando Bank Burglary - January 1922

Edward H. Ruloff - Murderer

A Mexican Event - October 1914

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