Growing up on Lake Eola with Grace

Growing up on Lake Eola with Grace

Created: October 16, 2011

Alice Buning grew up in the last family home on Lake Eola at the corner of Robinson Street and Rosalind Avenue. Her father, Mr. Bill Buning, had his insurance office downstairs, and her grandfather had his insurance office downtown. Alice grew up with Orlando's landmarks: walking to the Post Office everyday, the library, visting her granddad, and playing around Lake Eola.

LISTEN to this excerpt from an oral history interview on April 21st, 2011 as she shares her happy memories of neighbors, Grace Bowen, who ran Grace Terrace Apartments and Motel Rooms at 240 E. Robinson St., and the Zorian family, also on Lake Eola, at 212 E. Robinson St.

She recalls Grace Bowen's care for feeding the ducks at Lake Eola and her elaborate Christmas decorations on the wide stairway of Grace Terrace.

Alice Buning and her seven siblings were well known to the officer who walked the lake. He knew the Buning children climbing in the trees at Lake Eola, their backyard playground. Alice remembers watching the fountain being built, Cherry Plaza Hotel, and "the biggest thing was watching them build the pool at Cherry Plaza. A lot of good times around Lake Eola."

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