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The Mercado – International Drive

The Mercado

The Mercado was a lively and vibrant destination frequented by 1000s of tourists and locals alike with the free nightly entertainment, dining and shopping. The free entertainment in the outdoor courtyard and Blazing Piano’s Red Hot Rock n Roll Piano Bar, made it seem similar to the original Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village and Pleasure Island, in a way.  Our family loved Blazing Pianos because you could bring kids and the free nightly outdoor entertainment.

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This commercial from 1993 highlights the shopping and dining and entertainment that was a nightly occurrence. VIEW

The Mercado Marketplace declined over the years and finally closed. This article in 2006 paints a very sad picture of what remained when the article was published.  READ

WATCH this video with images of the Mercado in 2007 with some of the businesses marked for demolition. Read the notes and comments, too.

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