Oral History Interview with Joy Fox
Channel 24's Joy Fox and cameraman Ed KaKavo at the Skylab I launch on May 14, 1973.  My name is Joy Fox and I was born in New York City. I was in New York for the first nine years of my life and then transplanted against my will to Miami, Florida in ... Read more
The University Club News, 1972
The University Club News featuring Mr. Leon  H. Handley, on the cover, center, with  the outstanding moustache he grew while hunting in the Yucatan.According to The University Club history,  the club was granted its first charter in De ... Read more
Bible Study at St. Michael's Episcopal Church
Wednesday 10 a.m. Bible Study Class at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, circa 1970.Pictured are Lee Marsolf, Virginia Bryan, Ginny Brewster, Carolyn Quigley, Fr. Quigley, Minneola Bell, Mary Bailey, and Margaret Jackson.Ginny Brewster is ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral Holiday Boutique
In 1978, preparing for Christmas meant helping one's neighbor for parishioners at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Parishioners offered baked goods, crafts, home arts, and plants for sale at the Holiday Boutique to support Neighborhood Minis ... Read more