Almsgiving, a Lenten Tradition
ABOVE featured photo: Pictured front and center are Kelly Wilkes, age 2, with her mother, Jean Wilkes, holding her hand and Tom Wilkes, center, walking towards his wife. Several parishioners are carrying paper bags with food donations for the poor in our ... Read more
Resurrection Chapel Dedication, December 18, 1994
The Resurrection Chapel at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park was dedicated on December 18, 1994. Photo of the stained glass window in the Resurrection Chapel at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park.  ... Read more
Memories of Early St. Michael's by Lucy Bower
ABOVE: 1950 photo of St. Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park at Christmas. St. Michael's used the storefront at 2502 1/2 Edgewater Drive, currently Top Drawer, in College Park from April 1949 to May 1951. The first service at 2499 N. Westmoreland ... Read more
Every Sunday We Were at the Church
ABOVE: Bishop Laultel in the Altar Guild Sacristry at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, circa 1960. Well, it's been a part of my life like breathing. It's just so much a part it is like another digit in the hand. You don't think about it. ... Read more
Halloween Fun at St. Michael's Church
Families enjoy good food and fellowship at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church Halloween celebration in College Park. ABOVE: Pictured are Father Hank and Edie Franklin with their daughter Anna Franklin. Known by many as a "family church" for its loving c ... Read more
The Blessing of the Animals at St. Michael's Church
Saint Francis of Assisi is remembered at St. Michael's Church in College Park with the Blessing of the Animals by Father Quigley. Charley, center aisle, who was a little nervous at the start of service, appears peaceful and smiling as he receives his b ... Read more
St. Michael's Church Art & Traditions
ABOVE: Featured image is the kneeler at the altar of St. Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park embroidered by Rebecca Thomas Millitzer. Mrs. Millitzer did a lot of the needlepoint in the main church as seen in the below photos. Mrs. Millitzer, a ... Read more
St. Michael's Episcopal Church: Dedication of the Rose Window
Program for the Dedication of the West End Window at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, December 8, 2002. VIEW the program:  Front Cover    Part 1       Part 2      Part 3 LISTEN (6:47)  [audio mp3=" ... Read more
Back to School Blessings at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church
Lucas Boyce of Orlando Magic, Fabiola Gaines of Hebni Nutrition, Mr. Modeste, inspirational poet, and Orange County School Board's Kat Gordon speak at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church's Back to School Celebration & Conversation. Comm ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: Come to Learn, Leave to Serve
Children engaged in learning at Saint James Cathedral at the corner of Robinson Street and Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, photo circa 1970s. Photo courtesy of the Mario Mesa Photo Archives. SEARCH using term "St. James" for ... Read more
Youth Bible Study at St. Michael's Episcopal Church
ABOVE: 1960's photo of Youth Bible Study at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park. Girls engaged in Bible study at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park. Circa 1960s. Boys engaged in learning at Youth Bible Study at S ... Read more
Stephen L. Rusk Memorial Chapel Steeple Makes News
Community engages as World Ware II chapel steeple is moved from its historic location on the old Army Air Base, Orlando Naval Training Center, to Thornton Park in downtown Orlando. Read The Orlando Sentinel articles detailing John Moore's efforts to re ... Read more