Margaret Ekdahl - "Miss America 1930"
Margaret Ekdahl - Florida's first "Miss America" While there has been much controversy surrounding her title, there was no doubt about the beauty of Margaret Ekdahl. Born in Sweden in 1912, Margaret and her family arrived in Orlando in 1926. Known as "Mic ... Read more
My Entrance Into the Orlando Jewish Community
We would meet on Orange Avenue with our swimsuits and go to Palm Beach where the shops closed at 5:30. "I really felt like I was on vacation even though I was working."  From the Lerner Shop on Orange Avenue to the shores of Palm Beach, centenarian Myrtl ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Sonar Physicist Vincent Benedetti
Sonar Physicist Vincent Benedetti worked at the naval research lab at the corner of Gatlin and Summerlin Avenue for 35 years. He was the first person in Orlando to own scuba equipment having received his training from the U.S. Navy Seals in Key West in th ... Read more
The Retail Outlook From Centenarian Myrtle Skop Rutberg
Myrtle Skop Rutberg remembers when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving Day to allow an extra week of shopping before Christmas. She also recalls diagonal parking along Orange Avenue and people parking along the avenue just to watch th ... Read more
Orlando Street Railway Car Model
he street railway operated on Orange Avenue and Central Avenue, on Church Street to the railroad station, and around the west side of Lake Lucerne via America Street. The speed of the mule drawn cars was set at six miles per hour. This street car model ... Read more
Mack Meiner
Restaurant Business Was In His BloodThe keys to Mack Meiner's success were an eye for business opportunities and a secret family barbecue recipe. A restaurateur with a flair for antiques, Meiner spent his time among family, customers and stray dogs. Mack ... Read more