Oral History Interview with Joy Fox
Channel 24's Joy Fox and cameraman Ed KaKavo at the Skylab I launch on May 14, 1973.  My name is Joy Fox and I was born in New York City. I was in New York for the first nine years of my life and then transplanted against my will to Miami, Florida in ... Read more
Pine Castle Woman’s Club Fifth Grade Essay Contest Awards 2019
Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe of District 3 speaks about her life, citizenship, and female leadership at the Pine Castle Woman's Club Fifth Grade Essay Contest Awards Luncheon on April 10, 2019 at the Pine Castle Woman's Club. Pine Castle ... Read more
Grand Avenue Elementary School Principal's Album 2006-2007
  VIEW School Principal, Lino Rodriguez, is pictured first row, far right with faculty.   VIEW Mrs. Orduna pictured with her students.   VIEW Mrs. Scoma and her Pre-Kindergarten Class.   VIEW Ms. Synder pictured with her Pre-Kinde ... Read more
Grand Avenue School
Grand Avenue School 1926 Part I - Handwritten notes from the first Grand Avenue Parent Teacher Association Meeting on October 22, 1926 to the end of the school year May 4, 1927.Grand Avenue School 1926 Part II - PTA meeting reports from October 5, 1926 th ... Read more
Grand Ave. Elementary Yearbook of 2001-02
Grand Avenue Elementary School Yearbook of 2001-02. VIEW. ... Read more
1934-1935 Grand Avenue School Year Book
1934-1935 Grand Avenue School Year Book made by the Publicity Committee on PTA Speedograph as an Art Project. VIEW Includes Certificate from the Florida Branch National Congress of Parents and Teachers, April 29- May 3, 1935, Miami, Florida. VIEW. ... Read more
Mrs. Marilee Ivy's Extraordinary Life
My folks were pioneers of Orange County and my grandfather came down in the late 1800's around the Civil War time. And he bought land up around Lake Griffin up around Wildwood and that lake was named after them. And that was the first time he came in from ... Read more
Grand Avenue Elementary School Principal's Album 2005-2006
Mrs. Tillman's 2nd Grade Class from the Grand Avenue Elementary School Principal's Album 2005-2006. VIEW Album.   ... Read more
Janet Reno Visits Grand Avenue Elementary School
Janet Reno visits Grand Avenue Elementary School. Photos from the event can be found in the 1997-2000 Grand Avenue School Scrapbook. VIEW. Florida native Janet Reno served as U.S. Attorney General from February 1993 until January 2001. Ms. Reno was t ... Read more
Concord Park Elementary School, Circa 1949
Ms. Anderson's third grade class at Concord Park Elementary School are all smiles as photographer Alan Anderson takes the shot.Mr. Anderson had the contract for Orange County Public School photos for about 25 years.Photo courtesy of Bertie Martin Hunt who ... Read more
Academic Excellence at Dr. Phiilips High School
Anna Mae Patz, Advanced Placement Calculus Instructor at Dr. Phillips High School, with Kathi Brooks Myers, award winning math student at Dr. Phillips, photo circa 1980s. Kathi Brooks Myers, Dr. Phillips High School valedictorian, went on to University ... Read more
Princeton Elementary Report Card, 1946-47
Miss Eleanor Bell's Princeton Elementary first grade report card for school year 1946-47. "We believe in the SPIRITUAL welfare of your child and to this end we urge that he be regularly identified with a CHURCH and SUNDAY SCHOOL organization" - front of O ... Read more