Denali Moose Tracks 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge
On June 8th 2016, the Denali Moose Tracks 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge took place at the Orange County Regional History Center. Free scoops of Mayfield Dairy Farms Moose Tracks ice cream were given out to each member of the community who visited the e ... Read more
Charlie Finley
Mr. Finley was well known around town for the family's paint and wallpaper business but he also had a small cattle business on the side and was an avid hunter.   In the late 1930s he served the state of Florida as a Game Warden ("for 11 years") and then ... Read more
The Duda Family
The Duda family arrived in central Florida in 1911 and bought 40 acres between Sanford and Oviedo.  After years of hard work Andrew Duda and his family's small farm grew to an international agricultural corporation and the small Slavac colony of Slav ... Read more
Roger A. Barker
For more than 22 years, Circuit Judge Roger A.  Barker demonstrated his keen skill for the law, hearing cases in the 9th Judicial Circuit.  ``He was a man of extreme intellect; he was what they call a judge's judge,'' said Circuit Judge Belvin P ... Read more