Ralph Hansel
My name is Ralph Hansel I was born in Orlando and I moved down here to Pine Castle where I live now. I've never lived anywhere else I've only moved once in my life, from where I was born to where I live now. Yes, it was Kuhl Avenue in those days... LI ... Read more
Interview with Kathy Boyle
Kathy Boyle, a longtime Central Florida resident , shares her memories  of growing up in Pine Castle, Florida.  The sixties were a turbulent time with the Bay of Pigs and the assassination of John F. Kennedy but they also held many challenges and opport ... Read more
Christmas Memories & Traditions
From Orlando natives to Jamaican transplants, the ladies of Pine Castle Women's Club delight with their favorite Christmas memories. We invite you to listen to this wonderful celebration of Christmas! Part I  LISTEN  (14:25) [audio mp3="http://orl ... Read more
Pine Castle Pioneer Days
In 1973, the Pine Castle Center for the Arts created the Pioneer Days as a community event to celebrate the rich heritage of our forefathers. The Pine Castle United Methodist Church assumed the role of organizers of the event when the Pine Castle Center o ... Read more